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Westfields Free Small

Today, ChargeBox® has evolved into a point-of-presence solution offering far more than just mobile-device charging.

The Primary Benefits – what a ChargeBox provides

ChargeBox® provides an essential service for people on the move and, for the site owner, a unique customer engagement opportunity and/or additional revenue stream.

The presence of a ChargeBox delivers:

  • additional footfall and increased dwell-time in target areas – providing measurable actual and incremental revenue
  • a positive, value-added customer experience (especially when the experience is promoted by branding)
  • a point of presence offering branding and advertising opportunities via digital signage  
  • remote monitoring of usage to evaluate performance and provide insights, usage reports and fault management

ChargeBox+ is our next generation ChargeBox architecture


ChargeBox+ is a technology platform that embodies all we’ve learnt about mobile device charging in public spaces. It employs intelligent USB hubs monitored and controlled by a supervisory computer that also drives the touchscreen user interface. It implements our authentication process (patent pending) that comprises 3 steps: user authorisation, device detection and charging test.

Primarily designed with the self-service user in mind, ChargeBox+ presents the simplest possible user experience while minimising the risk of error or abuse.
The authorisation step covers a range of options. In a free service such as that offered by Westfield in their Stratford City mall, every user is authorised by default.


The primary benefit of secure mobile device charging is that users can maximise their time in their surroundings assured that their device is safe. ChargeBox+ has lockers secured by mechanical locks. Everyone understands how to use a key and lock – there are no complicated instructions to read or PIN numbers to forget (or to be overseen). Each lock is unique and there are no master keys, so not even maintenance staff can access a locked locker.

But ChargeBox+ security goes far beyond the physical features. The device detection and charging tests ensure only chargeable mobile devices can be placed in lockers. All system events are monitored in real-time and recorded, so fraudulent claims can be rebutted, front line staff on the wrong end of accusations from customers can be vindicated and site security teams can be confident that lockers are not being used for more sinister purposes than phone charging.


Device charging is carried out in USB charging mode – we capture no personal data about the device and there is no risk of data theft.

We always use manufacturer’s original charging cables in our machines because they give the best user experience and ensure that we do not risk mechanical or electrical damage to users devices.

  • ChargeBox+ is available as a complete 6 locker floor-standing unit, or as a 4-locker wall-mounted solution.
  • Both 6 locker and 4 locker versions are available in an open frame to allow use of unique material combinations
  • A “core” unit is also available allowing full integration inside other furniture designs
  • Sophisticated real-time telemetry provides full usage reporting, fault monitoring, and, of course, a complete audit trail of usage

The Original ChargeBox® delivers a strong and proven commercial vending solution

  • Coin-operated for self-service and revenue generation (flexible programming of coins and cost of charge options)
  • Robust, reliable, easy to maintain
  • ChargeBox® has 6 highly secure lockable cabinets, supporting up to 24 device types – iPhone and iPod, Blackberry, Android, Windows Phone and other devices including game consoles and legacy devices upon request.
  • For users convenience we have duplicate/triplicate support for the most popular chargers e.g. iPhone, Blackberry and Nokia, which optimises utilisation
  • Full telemetry service via SMS for performance monitoring and cash tracking
  • Easy to install – free standing solution which may also be bolted down
  • Environmentally friendly – uses less than half the energy of a 60W light bulb – with a 13A standard socket
  • Fully configurable for any voltage/connectivity requirements
  • Small footprint – only requires 65 cm square space per unit
  • Mitigates health & safety risks (trailing leads, charger malfunction, absence of PAT testing)

Contact us for the latest Technical Specification documents for our models