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ChargeBox: Powering the Mobile World

In this fast moving world of technology, mobile devices allow us to stay engaged and connected on-the-go. They change the way we behave, the way we shop, the way we travel, the way we work and the way we live.  Staying connected is a necessity.

ChargeBox offer public device charging solutions for your environment, whatever your sector. Whether you are in retail,  transport,  healthcare, education or events,  we can help you power your customers!

ChargeBox Return on Investment Study 2017 - Ink Research Ltd

Increase Dwell Time

ChargeBox increases dwell time in-store by 104%

Increase Basket Size

ChargeBox increases basket size by 28%

Increase Spend

ChargeBox increases spend by 133%

Increase Footfall

72% of ChargeBox users indicated they will return to the store to use ChargeBox in the future

Customer Satisfaction

92% of ChargeBox users felt positively/very positively towards the brand

What our clients say.....

"At John Lewis we've always been so passionate about providing our customers with the very best service, and offering free phone charging in our shops is one of our ways of enhancing customer experience. We've seen great feedback from customers on social media, so we're thrilled that the addition to our shops has been such a success."  

            John Lewis

"Hammerson has ChargeBox units in all of our shopping centres in the UK and France. This has been a key part of our strategy to drive dwell time and spend, and the feedback and usage from shoppers has exceeded our expectations."                                                                                                    


"I am delighted we have been able to have ChargeBox provide on-campus charging facilities for our students. The telemetries are excellent and we see high levels of usage as students recharge devices throughout the day. The team at ChargeBox have been a pleasure to work with and their products have enabled us to avoid expensive installation of power outlets in listed buildings around our estate."                                                                                                   

King's College London

What our users say.....

"Train connections at Birmingham New Street cancelled both ways today grrrr @CrossCountryUK but charging facility on concourse keeping me connected #useful#fuelformyphone"                                                          @SarahK8Gosling

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"Free phone charging in John Lewis. wish every shop had these! @John Lewis" @Nicola_Moir                                                

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"Only came in to Westfield to charge my phone ended up buying a new laptop and a jacket" @BerkatJoshua

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"@BWCHBoss Super to see a free phone charging box in Brum children's hospital outpatients. Really helpful"   @vanes_jeremy

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"@ChargeBox in Westfield was a life saver. 30 minutes of free phone charging." @jack9wallace

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"Great to see @ChargeBox helping so many people so often at the Said Business School......       @tobystaveley

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