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We charge phones to keep people connected and engaged.  

ChargeBox is the world-leader in free-to-use and secure charging solutions for Retail, Healthcare, Transport, Education and Events.

Why phone charging matters

Regardless of the type of environment you possess, offering your customers and visitors the opportunity to charge their mobile devices quickly, safely, and securely has become an essential service.

Our phones have become a fundamental part of our daily lives - 20 years ago, we could never have predicted their impact on society. Now we can’t live without them. They facilitate everything in our lives from communication to accessing info, critical apps and increasingly, the ability to pay for goods and services. When your phone battery is low or dead, not only does it make you anxious it will change your behaviour.

ChargeBox provides both ‘lock & leave’ and ‘stay & charge’ phone charging solutions to affect behaviour positively. Our solutions are proven to enhance customer experience, drive footfall, and boost spending, delivering measurable ROI for your business.

COVID-19 has highlighted the importance of phones in our lives even more, so helping to keep people connected has never been more crucial, especially with the advent of critical Track & Trace apps. Our solutions are protected with a permanent
antimicrobial coating that kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, which lasts for over a year.

Increase Sales

ChargeBox is proven to increase: Dwell time by 2x, Basket size by 2.33x

Delight People

add real value to your environment with a service people want and need

Reduce Anxiety

take away the anxiety people feel when their phone battery is low or flat and improve their overall satisfaction

Drive CRM

collect valuable data, marketing opt-ins and facilitate app downloads

Charging Devices all over the world

Worldwide charges to date







The ChargeBox Guarantee:

Our British designed and manufactured solutions are easy to install, easy to use and easy to manage through our smart, real-time monitoring system giving you:

  • Easiest - the most intuitive services for end-users and venues
  • Fastest - rapid charging for all devices
  • Safest - device safety and security fully guaranteed*
  • Highest reliability - continuous remote management and fault detection
  • Future-proofed - the service evolves as technology changes

*Guaranteed device security applies to ChargeBox locker solutions only

ChargeBox 'Smart Lock' System

Consumers share their experience of using ChargeBox

Sponsorship Opportunity

A unique opportunity to sponsor mobile charging stations across the UK's busiest shopping centres.

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What our customers say ...

It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with ChargeBox who were quick to rise to the challenge of developing their technology to meet the exacting standards and objectives of our retail environment. In creating the ChargeHub, they have built a world-class solution that improves customer and brand experience exponentially and enables customers to stay connected whilst reducing low battery anxiety. We are absolutely delighted with the results.

Network Development & Strategy, Porsche

An average spend per minute in our shopping centres is around £55 million. So if shoppers stay for an extra one minute, they spend an extra £55 million and for an extra five minutes the total spend increases by £275 million.

CEO of Intu

Customers appreciate the simplicity of using ChargeBox lockers. They’re universally intuitive and reassuring for passengers to use. They’re really simple to operate and there’s no forgetting of pin codes or concerns about theft. These are important considerations in an airport where customers can be stressed and the airport must avoid delayed take-offs.

Head of Marketing Services, Paris Aéroport

ChargeBox provided a hassle-free service at Data Centre Dynamics. The combination of The Qube and Locker Stations provided a complete charging service throughout the event and choice to our delegates; they could either charge their phone or tablet whilst working, or secure their device in a locker. We had high usage across both product types.


At John Lewis we've always been passionate about providing our customers with the very best service, and offering free phone charging in our shops is one of our ways of enhancing customer experience. We've seen great feedback from customers on social media, so we're thrilled that this addition to our shops has been a success.

Manager of Policy and Control, John Lewis

We had a ChargeBox installed in our Children’s ED and have since had nothing but positive feedback. It has provided people with an opportunity to charge their phones whilst waiting to be seen. This allows them to play games or watch entertainment which appear to be a huge distraction from the sometimes unavoidable Emergency Department waits. We can’t recommend it enough!

Birmingham Children's Hospital

ChargeBoxes at Wimbledon
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ChargeBox works with the NHS
ChargeBox supplier John Lewis with charging solutions
H & M have ChargeBoxes in their stores
ChargeBox supply Paris Aéroport with charging solutions
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