Charging Solutions

Our Charging Solutions

ChargeBox units provide your customers, visitors and other end users with convenient, safe and secure device charging options.

A ChargeBox charging service is easy to install and provides:

  • Rapid and stress-free charging for end users
  • Device safety and security fully guaranteed 
  • User privacy ensured (fully GDPR compliant)
  • Integrated mobile device charging cables and/or wireless charging
  • Data capture and analysis including device type, charging performance and time/length of charge
  • Sponsorship opportunities through full vinyl wraps, decal placement and video content.

Lock and Leave

‘Lock and Leave’ units enable users to safely and securely leave their mobile phone to charge while they get on with their day. These four or six locker units can be free standing, wall mounted or integrated into existing surroundings in a bespoke set up. In retail environments, Lock and Leave units are proven to increase customer dwell time and spend.

The patented key-based smart locking system is user friendly and provides a high level of security. Users only need to follow two steps to use Lock and Leave units: connect and lock. In fact, the average ChargeBox user secures the locker door within just six seconds of connecting their device.

ChargeBox users are then free to shop, explore and enjoy other experiences while their mobile device is safe and charging.

Lock and Leave Charging Solutions Include:

ChargeBox Gen 3 charging solution

ChargeBox FAST

  • Free standing unit
  • Six lockers
  • Charges mobile devices and small tablets
  • 19" main screen
  • 7" control/guide screen
  • USB 2.0 standard high power charging
  • Latest USB 3.1 power delivering Fast Charge
  • Can be branded.
ChargeBox Mini

ChargeBox Mini

  • Wall mounted
  • Four lockers
  • Charges mobile devices only
  • 7" control/guide screen
  • Compact sizing
  • Can be branded.

Stay and Charge

The QUBE™ and ChargeHub™ 'Stay and Charge' units alleviate stressful situations by giving users a dependable method to charge a device while they wait.

ChargeBox Stay and Charge units offer the key electronics from our lockable solutions in the smallest package available, bringing all the benefits of the full-scale service to a table top unit.

Our 'Stay and Charge' solutions are perfect for any conference room, reception space or event to provide optimised or fast charging for up to eight devices simultaneously using high-quality, enhanced USB cables. With our fast charge variants we can fast charge the latest phones, tablets and even laptops. Wireless charging is an optional component in these solutions providing cable-free charging using Qi-compliant technology.

Stay and Charge Solutions Include:

QUBE Charging Station


  • Table-top 'Stay and Charge' unit
  • Charges up to eight devices simultaneously
  • Full colour animated LEDs
  • Eight enhanced, colour-coded manufacturer cables
  • USB 2.0 optimised charging
  • Options to secure to its surroundings via a hidden locking system.
ChargeHub integrated charging solution


  • Integrated table-top 'stay and charge' unit, option to be presented in a matching finish to its surroundings 
  • Charges up to four devices simultaneously; three via cable and one wirelessly
  • USB 2.0 optimised or fast charge charging options available
  • Three enhanced USB cables
  • Can include branding.

ChargeBox Aftercare, Maintenance and Support

For all of our charging solutions we provide first class aftercare, maintenance and support including access to reporting information so you can see the ROI on your investment.

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The ChargeBox commitment to you


Plug in your device and lock. That's it.


ChargeBox guarantees safety for both the device being charged and the charging process itself under the terms of our fully managed SLA.


ChargeBox guarantees against the theft of devices under the terms of our fully managed SLA.

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