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Charging Solutions for Events

Join the thousands of events, from business conferences, to major sporting occasions that keep their attendees charged and connected.

Avoid low battery anxiety, event detachment and even early departures by keeping attendees’ devices charged and connected 

Mobile devices are essential to the success of events. Think about all the activities attendees are asked to do digitally that aren’t possible with a low battery:

  • Ticketing
  • Event app engagement
  • Networking
  • Wayfinding
  • Social engagement - sharing their experience
  • Paying for goods and services

Can we improve your event experience?

Here's what our event partners think

ChargeBoxes at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019
ChargeBoxes at Wimbledon

Our vision was to deliver a World Cup with unparalleled fan experience, not just for cricket but for major sporting events. ChargeBox were a vital part of us achieving that vision. One day cricket is an 8 hour event so the opportunity for fans to charge up, keep in touch with their friends and record lifelong memories of their Cricket World Cup (2019) experience together was invaluable.

Senior Event Operations Manager, ICC

At OVO we strive to deliver a great customer experience at our sponsored venues, and free phone charging has become a key element to that. Since installing ChargeBox stations across our sponsored venues, we have received great feedback from customers who are delighted with the ease-of-use, the charging experience and the complete security and peace-of-mind. As an added bonus, our own staff have found the service simple to explain and easy to manage, and we get insightful reports on usage of our stations too. Our ChargeBox stations are a fantastic addition to our in-venue experience and we could not recommend the service highly enough.


ChargeBox stations implemented across multiple sponsored venues

Whatever your event, we have the perfect solution

Conferences & Exhibitions

Event Venues 

Large 'One-off' Events 

Event Suppliers

ChargeBox positively impacts the event experience for hundreds of thousands of attendees. Since 2017 we have delivered over


stations across Europe for events.

The value of offering a charging service:

Charging solutions for event organisers from ChargeBox

Connected and engaged attendees

With attendees encouraged to engage through apps and social media it's inevitable that device batteries will run low limiting engagement.

Charging solutions for visitors at large events

Remove anxiety and prevent early departures

A charged device enables attendees to stay updated, experience more of your event and prevent early exits.

A valuable brand awareness opportunity

Sponsors benefit from the halo effect of providing this much needed free service.

Our Event Solutions

ChargeBox Fast 6

ChargeBox FAST6

ChargeBox Fast 3 Mini

ChargeBox FAST3

Fast Charge Table

Fast Charge Table

Branded wrap examples

ChargeBoxes with Branded wraps

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