ChargeBox Aftercare Support and Maintenance

ChargeBox Aftercare Support & Maintenance

ChargeBox facilities are designed specifically for the rigors of out-of-home charging environments and to operate just as well beyond Day 1,000 as they do Day 1.

Our experience working with thousands of customers has been applied to the development of the industry’s leading out-of-home solutions, supported by a unique online management system facilitating maintenance, ensuring maximum availability for our customers and a great and safe charge every time.

The kind of environment where you’ll host our facilities and the level of service you want to provide will dictate the level of aftercare support you’ll need.

ChargeBox Care Packages:


White Label product and performance measurement.  Maintenance managed by your own team

  • Access to real-time performance statistics 24/7 1
  • Operator’s Manual aid for site staff
  • ‘ChargeBox 3’ station upgrade option to USB-PD ‘Fast-Charge’

As Account Management but with extended tech warranty, component replacement parts, software updates and an annual maintenance service visit.

  • Extended back-to-base warranty
  • Worn components replaced due to normal use at no additional cost
  • Software updates delivered by engineer
  • Annual maintenance visit from an engineer

As with the Plus package but with unlimited service visits and worn component replacements and condition monitoring.  Behavioural analytics.  Protection against mobile device stolen/damage claims.

  • Onsite warranty service
  • Up to 4 new media files pushed to the HD LCD 2
  • Behaviour analytics
  • Location marker in ChargeBox iOS app and online map locator
  • Facilities maintained to agreed service level
  • Investigation of damage or loss claim
  • Indemnification against damaged or stolen mobile device 4
  1. All products are internet-ready via RJ45 Ethernet connection. Alternatively ChargeBox can quote competitively to manage 3G/4G connections across the UK, Ireland & Europe
  2. Relates to locker stations fitted with HD LCD
  3. Co-branded products carry agreement to fitting only ChargeBox approved charging cables, locks and other components
  4. Stolen devices from a locker or damage when using any ChargeBox facility proven to be the result of negligence in design

Help choosing your package:

Base ChargeBox Service Package

Basic Care Package

You want a white label product, to measure its performance and you can manage a regular inspection regime and maintenance through your own teams. The quality and safety of the charge isn’t important for you.


  • Access to performance information online
  • Lock & Charge systems are supplied with operator’s manual
ChargeBox Account Management Service Package

Account Management Care Package

You have facilities management capabilities, you want a high-quality customer experience and the best return on your investment.

Recommended for organisations that don’t require a fully managed service.


  • Together with our online management services, technical training and wear & tear components kit, your guests and visitors can experience the same level of service synonymous with the ChargeBox brand
  • The quality of service which users experience is attributed to your brand and ours. With our managed products its important to us that you only fit ChargeBox endorsed components, available to purchase directly
ChargeBox Plus Service Package

Plus Care Package

There is low risk of misuse and low wear expected in your environment.

Recommended for Enterprise, conference & exhibition organisations


  • The same online services included in our Account Management package, and we'll manage 2nd and 3rd line support hassle-free for you, including an annual visit & worn components replaced at no additional cost
  • Extended warranty
ChargeBox Unlimited Service Package

Unlimited Care Package

Your environment will experience high volume use and there are risks that the facilities are exposed to misuse.

You want a hassle-free fully managed service, and the assurance that devices are charged safely without damage or loss.

Recommended for Retail, Transport, Education, and Healthcare organisations.


  • Unlimited site visits and worn components replaced at no additional cost, managed to maintain the level of service you require
  • Online condition monitoring, fault detection and optimised charging updates managed by ChargeBox to ensure the greatest and safest experience
  • Access to online performance measurements and raw data downloads
  • ChargeBox’s safe and secure charging guarantee, and in the event of a damage or loss claim, we’ll carry out a thorough investigation of the device log at no additional charge
  • Onsite warranty service
ChargeBox Managed Services Usage Reporting

Usage Reporting

Our ChargeBox Management System includes access to usage reporting including:

  • Number of devices charged
  • Types of device charged
  • Dwell time calculation
  • Best performing units/locations
  • Usage trends month on month and year on year

Online Management Services

ChargeBox online management services

With ChargeBox you’ll benefit from the industry’s leading hardware coupled with unique online services which ensure a hassle-free service for you, and a great and safe charge every time.

The benefits:

  • Measured performance
  • Statistics accessible online
  • Analytics reports delivered quarterly
  • Completed maintenance activities shared
  • Remote fault detection & full system monitoring avoids local test & inspection regimes of each charge point – hassle free for our customers
  • Software optimisations to charge new devices how manufacturers design, unlike other hardware which damages battery cells and charges slowly
  • Audit trail investigations to mitigate false damage or theft claims.


Between our fleet management team and service partners we have the capability to service the UK, Ireland, Europe and beyond.

A typical maintenance visit for customers with Plus or Unlimited packages includes:

  • Replace worn charging cables with our ultra-robust manufacturer cables at no additional cost
  • Components fitted under warranty at no additional cost
  • Optimise the charging cables available to current market trends at no additional cost
  • If internet connection isn’t available, software will be updated to charge new devices how manufacturers intend, ensuring a great and safe charge
  • Load new media to connected LCD’s

Our customers with account management can be trained to carry out general maintenance tasks, guided by our online management services.

ChargeBox Service Engineer

Safety & Security

ChargeBox Servicing

ChargeBox is the world’s most trusted charging service, and a brand synonymous with a hassle-free service and a great & safe charge.

Customers’ privacy is safe with no personal information collected to use any of our systems.

We quickly discovered it’s impossible to ensure a secure service when part of the security is left to the user; our experience shows PIN codes can be easily predicted, and observed by a third party.

Our high security lock & key system coupled with device audit trail has proven the safest solution. We’ve never experienced a single device stolen, and we’ve charged over 35 million devices.

Bonus Point: our patented SmartLock key system is the easiest to use and internationally intuitive solution for users, and the most hassle-free solution for our customers.

Care Package FAQs

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Who else is ChargeBox charging?

NHS Birmingham Women's and Children's Foundation Trust have ChargeBoxes fitted
ChargeBox supply Paris Aéroport with charging solutions
ChargeBox prvide Westfield shopping centre with multiple lockers

ChargeBox provided a hassle-free service at Data Centre Dynamics. The combination of The Qube and Locker Stations provided a complete charging service throughout the event and choice to our delegates: they could either charge their phone or tablet whilst working, or secure their device in a locker. We had high usage across both product types.


Izzy Warburg, Gartner

I am delighted we have been able to have ChargeBox provide on-campus charging facilities for our students. The telemetries are excellent and we see high levels of usage as students recharge devices throughout the day. The team at ChargeBox have been a pleasure to work with and their products have enabled us to avoid expensive installation of power outlets in listed buildings around our estate.

King's College London

Nick Leake, CIO

and many more organisations ...

The ChargeBox commitment to you


Plug in your device and lock. That's it.


ChargeBox guarantees safety for both the device being charged and the charging process itself under the terms of our fully managed SLA.


ChargeBox guarantees against the theft of devices under the terms of our fully managed SLA.