ChargeBox Events Case Study – Gartner

A ChargeBox Events Case Study

Keeping Gartner event attendees connected with ChargeBox

Gartner is the world's leading research and advisory company.

As part of its missions to deliver market-leading insight and advice, Gartner holds conferences around the globe covering IT, marketing, sales, legal and human resources issues.

The events provide a great opportunity for networking and engagement, meaning that delegates rely heavily on mobile devices and a charging solution is crucial.

The Challenge:

Gartner often asks delegates to engage with a mobile application at an event. This means devices lose battery quicker than usual during the day and a dependable charging solution was needed to alleviate the low battery problem that many attendees encounter.

The Solution:

Since 2013, ChargeBox has partnered with Gartner to provide charging solutions for event attendees.

In 2017, ChargeBox agreed a multi-year contract to provide the majority of Gartner's EMEA events with charging services, including the largest event on the calendar: the annual Gartner Symposium in Barcelona. 

Business Benefits:

Staying charged allows attendees to run the event app throughout the day, providing access to critical information surrounding the agenda.

ChargeBox also keeps delegates on-site for longer, since a low battery often encourages early departures to hotel rooms.

Additionally, Gartner sells the stations as part of a sponsorship package, creating an additional revenue stream.

Gartner said: “ChargeBox provided a hassle-free service at Data Centre Dynamics. The combination of The QUBE™ and locker stations provided a complete charging service throughout the event and choice to our delegates; they could either charge their phone or tablet while working or secure their device in a locker. We had high usage.”

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Who else is ChargeBox charging?

At SSE we strive to deliver great customer experience at our sponsored venues, and free charging has become a key element to that. We have received great feedback from our customers who are delighted with the ease-of-use, the charging experience and the complete security and peace of mind.

As a bonus, our staff have found the service simple to explain and easy to manage, and we get insightful reports on the usage of our stations too. Our ChargeBox stations are a fantastic addition to our in-venue experience, and we could not recommend the service highly enough.


ChargeBox stations implemented across multiple sponsored venues

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