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ChargeBox Events Case Study – OVO

A ChargeBox Events Case Study

OVO prioritises customer experience with ChargeBox charging solutions

Scottish energy company OVO sponsors two of the largest indoor arenas in the UK: the OVO Arena in Wembley and the OVO Hydro in Glasgow.

The two arenas host a mix of sporting and entertainment events, attracting thousands of visitors every week.

In order to continue delivering the best customer experience, OVO turned to ChargeBox to help keep attendees charged and engaged during events.

The Challenge:

OVO approached ChargeBox after having a different charging solution in place for a year.

OVO were extremely dissatisfied with the service they experienced and wanted to replace the units immediately. 

With most events taking place in the evening, visitors often arrive with devices with low or depleted batteries. A dependable charging solution was required to ensure visitors could charge their smartphones, which have become a crucial element of a great experience at the arenas.

The Solution:

ChargeBox provided nine stations across the two locations, as well as a total care maintenance package to ensure the lockers' availability.

The safe and secure charging service is provided free of charge to any ticker holders visiting the venues.

Business Benefits:

The ChargeBox service has improved customer satisfaction by providing a free and simple method of charging a device.

The in-venue experience has improved and OVO has reported increased visitor engagement thanks to more attendees being able to go online and access apps during events through a charged device. 

OVO commented: "At OVO we strive to deliver great customer experience at our sponsored venues, and free charging has become a key element to that. We have received great feedback from our customers who are delighted with the ease-of-use, the charging experience and the complete security and peace of mind."

"As a bonus, our staff have found the service simple to explain and easy to manage, and we get insightful reports on the usage of our stations too. Our ChargeBox stations are a fantastic addition to our in-venue experience, and we could not recommend the service highly enough."

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