ChargeBox In Store Retail Case Study – John Lewis

John Lewis
A ChargeBox Retail Case Study

John Lewis is well known for going above and beyond average lengths to offer quality products and outstanding service to the people that matter most, their customers.

The brand is synonymous with great customer service from attentive and knowledgeable staff through to initiatives such as ‘never knowingly undersold’. In short, John Lewis’s 52 UK stores lead the way in retail experience.

The Challenge:

The challenge of continually improving customer experience is huge. On a highly competitive high street, retailers are always seeking new initiatives that will give them an advantage.

John Lewis identified free charging as a service that met a customer need and would also be a powerful tool in keeping customers happy in store for longer, whilst also giving them an additional reason to visit in the first place.

It was important for John Lewis that its charging partner had a similar ethos for customer service and could also give them in-depth usage data to help inform the customer journey.

The Solution:

John Lewis has ChargeBox ‘Lock & Shop’ systems in the majority of their UK stores, enabling their customers to safely and securely leave their mobile phone to charge while they enjoy the stores' facilities.

ChargeBox units are strategically positioned and regularly reviewed and informed by real-time usage data. The remotely controlled 19in LCD screens are used for additional signage and promoting in-store offers.

 Business Benefits:

Independent research to look at the ROI of charging at John Lewis stores revealed results that were overwhelmingly positive, showing that ChargeBox drives both behavioural and attitudinal changes.

The majority of ChargeBox users spend more money than the average shopper (86%), they stay in-store longer (+28 minutes on average) and they have larger average basket sizes (+28%). Not only does the service make shoppers feel more positively about John Lewis (92%) but also 82% of those aware of ChargeBox said it influenced their decision to visit the store.

John Lewis Policy & Control Manager commented - ‘At John Lewis we've always been passionate about providing our customers with the very best service, and offering free phone charging in our shops is one of our ways of enhancing the customer experience. We've seen great feedback from customers on social media, so we're thrilled that this addition to our shops has been a success.’

ChargeBox lockers keeping customers connected in John Lewis stores
ChargeBox lockers keeping customers in touch in John Lewis stores

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The Coronavirus pandemic brought unprecedented pressures to the retail sector. When it was already struggling with crippling business rates, Brexit uncertainty, and price wars from online challengers, COVID arrived and closed down most traditional High Street retail sectors almost overnight.

In just 12 months, retailers, from major brands to small independents, have had to adapt their business models and look for new ways to attract consumers and improve the physical experience.

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At Fenwick we are focused on providing outstanding customer experience and a great in-store experience. Providing free charging via our ChargeBox's is one way we deliver this. Since we installed the stations the feedback from customers has been fantastic as a charged battery enables them to stay connected with loved ones and allows them to enjoy an omni channel shopping experience. This enables them to shop for longer and to make informed purchasing decisions. Our ChargeBox's definitely enhance the shopping experience and are very popular amongst our customers We would highly recommend this service.


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