The ChargeBox3 mobile device charging locker system

The ChargeBox 3 Locker System

The most reliable, robust and secure charging system

ChargeBox 3, our 3rd generation system, provides a world-class charging service with:

  • Device security fully guaranteed
  • Stress-free, fast charging for users
  • Easy to use 'Connect and Lock' system
  • Sponsorship opportunities through full vinyl wraps, decal placement and video content
  • Real-time management with analytics and fault detection.

The Ultimate Lock and Leave Charging Solution

ChargeBox Gen 3 charging solution

ChargeBox 3 - Overview

Having charged over 30 million devices in 15 years of operating, ChargeBox® is the most popular, most trusted out of home charging service in the world.

  • Free standing unit
  • Six lockers with patented SmartLock key system
  • Charges mobile devices, small tablets and laptops
  • USB 3.1 Power delivery Fast Charge option for even faster charging of compatible devices
  • 16 different cables, or 20 cables with Fast Charge option
  • 19" main screen and 7" control/guide screen
  • Multi-language touchscreen interface
  • Real-time monitoring to ensure availability
  • Full exterior branding available.
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ChargeBox Gen 3 charging solution
ChargeBox Gen 3 Locker
ChargeBox locker with charging leads
ChargeBox locker with key
ChargeBox locker B charging solution
ChargeBox locker with charging leads and phone
ChargeBox with Gartner wrap at event

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