Charging Solutions for Healthcare

Device Charging for Hospitals
Help patients and their families stay connected in times of need

ChargeBox charging lockers are easy to install and provide:

  • Stress-free charging for patients, visitors and staff
  • Safe charging to remove health and safety risks
  • Device security fully guaranteed
  • Sponsorship - opportunity to monetise, custom vinyl wraps and LCD displays for branding/messaging.

Product Information and Pricing

The value of safe and secure charging:

Stress-free device charging for patients

For Patients

Alleviates stress for patients and visitors, they can stayed connected with loved ones during unplanned and lengthy visits.

Charging Solutions for Hospital waiting rooms

For Visitors

Visitors can stay connected with friends and family whilst in waiting rooms.  Helps to keep children occupied whilst waiting for appointments.

Increased productivity for staff

For Health Workers

Increases productivity as staff no longer need to deal with charging requests.

ChargeBox is compliant with NHS Health and Safety Regulations

In December 2018 the NHS issued a UK-wide Estates and Facilities alert highlighting the fire risk presented by personal rechargeable electronic devices.

In the provision of device charging for patients, visitors and staff, ChargeBox guarantees the safe charging of mobile devices with its secure charging stations.

Charging Solutions include:

ChargeBox Gen 3 charging solution

ChargeBox FAST

ChargeBox Mini

ChargeBox Mini

Qube Charging Station


  • Table top unit
  • Charges up to 8 devices simultaneously
  • Full colour animated LEDs
  • 8 x reinforced, colour-coded manufacturer cables
  • USB 2.0 optimised charging
  • Options on security - locking to a table
  • Includes antimicrobial coating protection

Who else is ChargeBox charging?

Great Ormond Street Hospital
King's College Hospital

We had a ChargeBox installed in our Children’s ED and have since had nothing but positive feedback. It has provided people with an opportunity to charge their phones whilst waiting to be seen. This allows them to play games or watch entertainment which appear to be a huge distraction from the sometimes unavoidable Emergency Department waits. We can’t recommend it enough!

Charlotte Clay

Principal Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Birmingham Children's Hospital

NHS Surrey and Borders Partnership
NHS Manchester University Foundation Trust

We recently funded a ChargeBox for the Children’s Emergency Department at King’s College Hospital London and are thrilled at the amount of use it is getting every single day. Patients, their parents and hospital staff all tell us how invaluable it is to have this facility.

Anna Skipwith

Chair, Kingfisher

and 20 other NHS organisations ....

The ChargeBox commitment to you


Plug in your device and lock.  That's it.


ChargeBox guarantees safety for both the device being charged and the charging process itself under the terms of our fully managed SLA..


ChargeBox guarantees against the theft of devices under the terms of our fully managed SLA.