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Charging Solutions for Shopping Centres

Device Charging for Shoppers

Increase dwell time, spending and return visits with ChargeBox

A free ChargeBox charging service is easy to install and provides:

  • 30 minute stress-free charging to shoppers as standard
  • Device security fully guaranteed with Smart Lock
  • Increased dwell time and increased spend
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Reduced "low battery anxiety"
  • Data capture on device type and charges delivered
  • Sponsorship opportunities through full vinyl wraps, decal placement and video content.

Product Information and Pricing

The value of safe and secure charging:

ChargeBox in large retail stores

For Shoppers

The provision of a fast charging service removes low battery anxiety and enhances the experience for shoppers. ChargeBox helps to keep shoppers connected for their entire visit through safe and secure charging stations. 

ChargeBox helps to boost sales at retail outlets

For Retail Stores

Charged devices enable shoppers to stay updated and look up product information online whilst in-store. As a result they spend more time in-store.  Charging services increase footfall and dwell time and are proven to lead to an increase in customer spend, basket size and conversion rates.

Sponsorship opportunity in Shopping centres - vodafone

For Sponsors

Brands can associate themselves with an established, well-loved service and be recognised as the brand delivering the 'feel-good' feeling that comes with free charging.  ChargeBox offers full vinyl wraps, decal placement and video content to provide brand awareness and further sponsorship opportunities.

of Intu Shoppers said  ChargeBoxes enhance their shopping experience.
of Intu Shoppers said they felt positive towards the brand providing the facility.

Charging Solutions include:

ChargeBox Fast 6

ChargeBox FAST6

ChargeBox Fast 3 Mini

ChargeBox FAST3

Qube Charging Station


  • Table top 'Stay & Charge' unit
  • Charges up to eight devices simultaneously
  • Eight reinforced, colour-coded manufacturer cables
  • USB 2.0 optimised charging
  • Options to secure to surroundings via a hidden locking system.
  • Includes antimicrobial coating protection.

Branded wrap examples

ChargeBoxes with Branded wraps

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I move a ChargeBox?

How do my customers find a ChargeBox?

How long does a ChargeBox charge my phone for?

What happens if there are any issues with my ChargeBox solution?

Can I get reports to see how much the ChargeBox was used?

What our customers say:

Having charging facilities in our centres has allowed customers to stay longer which is great for customers and great for us as a business.  Purely from a customer point of view, it allows them safe and secure charge when they need it most and for us it's the ability to offer them a great free facility.

Roger Binks

Customer Service Director, Intu Shopping Centre

The ChargeBox system offers a convenient and safe way for consumers to recharge their phones whilst continuing to shop. It is the latest initiative we are delivering at our shopping centres and parks to further improve the shopper experience.

Claire Barber

Head of Shopping Centre Asset Management, British Land

Who else is ChargeBox charging?

ChargeBoxes hosted at 15 intu shopping centres around the country
ChargeBox prvide Westfield shopping centre with multiple lockers
ChargeBoxes at Hammerson Retail Parks
ChargeBoxes at 6 British Land owned sites

and many more organisations ...

The ChargeBox commitment to you


Plug in your device and lock. That's it.


ChargeBox guarantees safety for both the device being charged and the charging process itself under the terms of our fully managed SLA.


ChargeBox guarantees against the theft of devices under the terms of our fully managed SLA.

Find out what consumers say about ChargeBox.