The ChargeBox Mini mobile device charging locker system

The ChargeBox Mini Compact Locker System

Chargebox's best-in-class charging technology in a smaller package

The ChargeBox Mini charging service is easy to install and provides:

  • Four lockers fitted with SmartLock key system
  • Device security fully guaranteed
  • Stress-free, fast charging for users
  • Wall-fixed or table-mounted
  • Real-time management with analytics and diagnostics.
  • Sponsorship opportunities through frame and front panel vinyl wraps.

The Ultimate Lock and Leave Charging Solution

The ChargeBox Mini 4 locker wall-mounted device charging locker system

ChargeBox  Mini - Overview

Having charged over 30 million devices in 15 years of operating, ChargeBox® is the most popular, most trusted out of home charging service in the world.

  • Wall-fixed or table-mounted 'Lock and Shop' unit
  • Charge up to four mobile devices simultaneously
  • SmartLock and key-based security
  • USB 3.1 Power delivery Fast Charge option for even faster charging of compatible devices
  • 8 cables or 16 with Fast Charge option
  • 7" touchscreen control/guide screen
  • Multilingual assistance
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Branding options available.
  • Includes antimicrobial coating protection.

The Best Customer Experience is Paramount

ChargeBox's mission is to deliver a wonderful client and customer experience.

Maximum Security

Each mobile device charging station is secured by our patented SmartLock key system. Charging over 7 million devices annually we have experienced zero device theft or damage.

Ease of Use

ChargeBox’s proprietary SmartLock system detects your device before enabling you to secure the door. It takes as few as four seconds to use connect a device and secure the locker. Furthermore, should power be cut to the station, the user is always in control of the security and can retrieve their device at any time using their key.

Best Charging Technology

Our certified technology is capable of charging iPhones in half the time compared to the packaged wall charger Apple supplies. Our iPhone and iPad charging cables are sourced directly through Apple Inc.

Real-time Analytics

Enables management information, automated remote diagnostics, and service monitoring.

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