The ChargeBox Mini mobile device charging locker system

The ChargeBox Mini Compact Locker System

Chargebox's best-in-class charging technology in a smaller package

The ChargeBox Mini charging service is easy to install and provides:

  • Four lockers fitted with SmartLock key system
  • Device security fully guaranteed
  • Stress-free, fast charging for users
  • Wall-fixed or table-mounted
  • Real-time management with analytics and diagnostics.
  • Sponsorship opportunities through frame and front panel vinyl wraps.

The Ultimate Lock and Leave Charging Solution

The ChargeBox Mini 4 locker wall-mounted device charging locker system

ChargeBox  Mini - Overview

Having charged over 30 million devices in 15 years of operating, ChargeBox® is the most popular, most trusted out of home charging service in the world.

  • Wall-fixed or table-mounted 'Lock and Shop' unit
  • Charge up to four mobile devices simultaneously
  • SmartLock and key-based security
  • USB 3.1 Power delivery Fast Charge option for even faster charging of compatible devices
  • 8 cables or 16 with Fast Charge option
  • 7" touchscreen control/guide screen
  • Multilingual assistance
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Branding options available.





Mobile device charging station with

securely fitted USB charging cables in 4

lockers utilising proprietary SmartLock Key

System. Wall fixed or table mountable.

A stainless steel tabletop stand is


Dimensions & Weight

- 650(H) x 530(W) X 230(D) mm

- 30 Kg when wall mounted

- 40 Kg when fitted to the optional table



- 660(H) x 620(W) x 520(D) mm

- 35Kg

Multi-use transport case optional


110V (60Hz), 220V (60Hz), or 240V

(50 Hz) with fused 3A supply. PSU

is rated at 100W

Power Usage

Idle: 16W

Typical: 32W (includes 2-3 phones charging)

Max: 45W 3 lockers on full charge and the 4th on activation


Traffic White finish (RAL 9016)

Frame and front panel can be

wrapped in vinyl with client’s artwork


Steel sides, top and bottom. Acrylic front



Computer & User Interface Panel

ARM-based Single Board Computer

controlling 7” capacitive-layer touch


Touchscreen provides user instructions and engineer access diagnostics. Multi-language support included

Additional language development



Four chambers, offering guaranteed*

security by way of proprietary SmartLock

key system. Charging one device per

chamber, with multiple USB connectors


*Subject to service level agreement

USB charging cables

Standard specification: 8 no. high-current

(2.1Amp / 10W) universal charging for all

USB devices. Combination of enhanced

microUSB, Type-C and genuine Apple

cables securely fitted.

- Additional 8 charging points optional

- Option Fast Charge USB Power

Delivery power levels; 15 / 27 / 45 / 60W per chamber

Video Display

Not applicable

The single board computer is capable of controlling media to third party displays. Some development may be required.


Ethernet/WiFi telemetry: transmits data

relating to all aspects of the machine’s

performance, status and health.

GSM router can be connected via ethernet or WiFi to the single board computer. Recommended data allowance: 250mb/month excluding

changes to digital signage.

Management Information

Real-time analytics enables management

information, automated remote diagnostics, and service monitoring.

Full or partially managed service options.


Customer Engagement

Bespoke software developments available. E.g. phone number entry.

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