The QUBE mobile device stay and charge system

The QUBE™ 

Fast and dependable charging while you wait... and it looks great too!

The QUBE™ 'Stay and Charge' units alleviate stressful situations by providing:

  • Table-top charging for up to eight devices 
  • Eight reinforced manufacturer charging cables
  • USB 2.0 optimised charging
  • Full colour status LEDs
  • Remote management and performance visibility
  • Options to secure to its surroundings via a hidden locking system.

The QUBE™ 'Stay and Charge'  Solution

The QUBE passenger airport phone charging solution

The QUBE™ - Overview

  • Table-top 'Stay & Charge' unit
  • Charging for phones, tablets and other USB-compatible devices
  • Eight enhanced USB cables for demanding environments
  • Faster and more compatible than wireless charging
  • LED status lighting
  • Anti-theft cable design
  • Anti-theft unit design
  • Simplest charging solution for users and clients
  • Branding options available
  • Real-time analytics.
The QUBE product packaging
The QUBE charging multiple devices at the same time
The QUBE mobile device charging - the Octopus View!

The QUBE™ Branding Options

The QUBE™ features a transparent acrylic outer casing with a central LED that can be matched with company branding colours. Logos can also be placed on the unit.

Logo positioning:

Branding option for the QUBE

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