The QUBE mobile device stay and charge system

The QUBE™ 

Fast and dependable charging while you wait... and it looks great too!

The QUBE™ 'Stay and Charge' units alleviate stressful situations by providing:

  • Table-top charging for up to eight devices 
  • Eight reinforced manufacturer charging cables
  • USB 2.0 optimised charging
  • Full colour status LEDs
  • Remote management and performance visibility
  • Options to secure to its surroundings via a hidden locking system.

The QUBE™ 'Stay and Charge'  Solution

The QUBE passenger airport phone charging solution

The QUBE™ - Overview

  • Table-top 'Stay & Charge' unit
  • Charging for phones, tablets and other USB-compatible devices
  • Eight enhanced USB cables for demanding environments
  • Faster and more compatible than wireless charging
  • LED status lighting
  • Anti-theft cable design
  • Anti-theft unit design
  • Simplest charging solution for users and clients
  • Real-time analytics.
  • Includes antimicrobial coating protection.
The QUBE product packaging
The QUBE charging multiple devices at the same time
The QUBE mobile device charging

The Best Customer Experience is Paramount

At the core of ChargeBox® is to deliver a wonderful client and customer experience.

Ease of Use

Eight enhanced USB cables securely fitted, designed to stand up to the high demands of public environments, charging phones, tablets and other USB devices.

Best Charging Technology

The certified USB 2.0 technology is capable of safely charging iPhones ~33% faster than Apple’s iPhone charger. The iPhone and iPad charging cables are sourced directly through Apple Inc. Android devices charge as fast as the USB 2.0 industry standard allows.

Real-time Analytics

Enables management information, automated remote diagnostics, and real time performance visible online.


The QUBE™  units feature an anti-theft design, and the charging cables have also been designed with anti-theft as a priority, creating a safe and secure charging service for users.

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