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Unlocking Personalities: Decoding Your Mobile Phone Charging Habits

Welcome readers! As you know, here at Chargebox we love spending our lives obsessing about the best phone charging experiences so that you don’t have to.  Normally we’re buried deep stats about user experience, charging speeds, secure lockers, cable specs, location specifics, hospital, airport, retail, events… Well you get the idea! 

We recently came across the article “New study reveals the ten types of mobile phone users”, (by behavioural analyst, Emma Kenny) and liked it so much, it got us thinking.

Are there any obvious traits or quirks that people display in their phone charging behaviour and what these habits might say about them?

So we locked our best and brightest minds in a room with all our phone charging data and insight, collected over many years, and this is what they came up with – five distinct types of mobile phone charging behaviours and personality types.

The Night Charger :

Ah, the night charger – the steadfast souls who plug in their phones before hitting the hay and let them juice up all night long. These individuals believe in starting each day with a fully charged device, even if it means their poor phone spends more time plugged in than they do! To them, a charged phone equals peace of mind, even if it means sacrificing a bit of battery longevity in the process.

The Prepared Packrat (Power Hoarder) :

Meet the prepared packrat, armed to the teeth with battery packs, charging cables, and plugs galore. You’ll never catch these folks with a low battery warning – they’re like modern-day Boy Scouts, always ready for a charging emergency. Whether it’s a trip to the local shop or a trek through the wilderness, they’ve got enough charging firepower to keep their devices going for days on end.

The Rule Follower :

For the rule follower, every percentage point of battery life is precious, and they’re not about to jeopardize it by overcharging. These cautious chargers strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations, never leaving their phones plugged in for a moment longer than necessary. They’re the ones you’ll catch unplugging their phones at precisely 80% battery, following the advice to maximize battery health – even if it means a few extra trips to a charging point throughout the day.

The Forgetful Wanderer :

Ah, the forgetful wanderer – forever chasing elusive power outlets and muttering curses under their breath as their battery dwindles to single digits. These free spirits have a knack for leaving home without a charged phone and are no strangers to the dreaded dead battery scenario. But fear not, for they’ve mastered the art of creative charging solutions, from begging bartenders for access to outlets to scavenging for USB ports in coffee shops.

The Eternal Optimist :

Last but not least, we have the eternal optimist – the dreamers who believe that battery life is but a mere suggestion and that their phones will somehow defy the odds and stay powered indefinitely. You’ll find them gleefully ignoring low battery warnings and living life on the edge, convinced that their device will miraculously hold out until they reach their next charging destination. Ignoring the subtle warnings of impending power depletion, they gallivant through life with boundless optimism, convinced that their device will miraculously power through any charging emergency, somehow! And hey, sometimes they’re right – but when they’re wrong, they’re spectacularly wrong.

Just like fingerprints, each person’s charging style is unique and tells us something about their personality. 

So, which charging persona resonates with you?  There’s no right or wrong way.  Or is there?

Thanks for reading!


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