Entertainment & Leisure

allow visitors to stay engaged and connected for the duration of their stay

Nomophobia (noun) a state of stress caused by having no access to or being unable to use one's mobile phone

Increase customer satisfaction resulting in positive reviews, return visits and recommendations. 

Branding and sponsorship opportunities via the customised wrap and LCD display panel.

Reduce  "low battery anxiety" and allows visitors to get home safely after the event. Visitors can access travel information and maintain contact with others.

Provide security and safety when customers and staff charge their devices. Full audit trail collected with every charge.

Increase customer engagements - visitors can share their experience via social media.


4 and 6 lockers stations available


Table top open solutions available


Integrated charging options available


Rubert Hough

Games and Photography Operations Director, Merlin Entertainments Group Limited

We have been very happy with the service provided by ChargeBox, enabling our customers to stay connected during their visit. Whether its to take photos of their fun experience or enabling them to use the attractions App to get directions, up to date queue times, and the latest deals on Retail and Food and Beverage. A charged battery improves the overall customer experience.



At SSE we strive to deliver a great customer experience at our sponsored venues, and free charging has become a key element to that. Since installing ChargeBox stations across our sponsored venues, we have received great feedback from customers who are delighted with the ease-of-use, the charging experience and the complete security and peace-of-mind. As an added bonus, our own staff have found the service simple to explain and easy to manage, and we get insightful reports on the usage of our stations too. Our ChargeBox stations are a fantastic addition to our in-venue experience and we could not recommend the service highly enough.