Free charging when you need it

Ian Hobson gives an interview on what it takes to build a world leading company.

ChargeBox's founder and Managing Director Ian Hobson gives a forward thinking interview for Kiosk Solutions, a leading European Magazine.

If Ian Hobson has his way, your phone will never run out of battery again. Using an innovative charging service, he aims to deliver secure, free charging in public places around the world.

Modern life relies heavily on smart device, in particular mobile phones. With a pocket-sized device offering quick and easy access to the internet for socialising, entertainment, good old-fashioned phone calls and more, it's no surprise we use them so much. We could live without them, of course, but when the power runs out it can sometimes feel like the world is about to end. And that's exactly where ChargeBox comes in...

To read more on how it all started and where ChargeBox is heading, 6 months after its successful crowdfunding campaign, read the full interview of ChargeBox's founder Ian Hobson here.