The 5 things you MUST consider when providing a public charging service

The importance of our mobile devices has never been in doubt.  Most adults couldn’t cope without their mobile phones for more than a day.  So, while we’re surprised that 1 in 7 of us use our phone as a mirror (you vain bunch!) we’re not surprised that 55% of people describe running low on phone battery as their ‘nightmare scenario’.

That’s because we use our mobile phones for everything.  The days of paper train tickets and pound coins are long gone.  And who can imagine a physical COVID passport??  If we’re not sharing things with our friends, family and social followers we’re filling in the time on the bus with ‘All of Us Are Dead’.

When you consider the essential services you offer, phone charging should be at the top of the list in this digital age.  Free Wi-Fi is a common service, but what use is Wi-Fi if your phone is dead or you’re scared to use it because you want to preserve the last dribble of battery?

SO, if you appreciate the importance of mobile devices in the customer journey and want to support their usage in your environment these are the 5 things you MUST consider when providing a charging service:

  1. I feel the need, the need for speed

When you need to charge your phone what will be the measure of satisfaction with a service?  What % battery you get in a short period of time of course.  Getting a 7% battery charge in 10 minutes is just…well a bit meh.  Genuine fast charging can take you from zero to 20% battery in just 10 minutes.  An experience that truly delights.  The speed and depth of charge you provide are absolutely key.

  1. Elementary, my dear Watson

Read the instructions, download an app, fill in your payment details.  No thanks.  I just need to charge my phone!  A service that is intuitive and easy to use saves people time and confusion and ensures the greatest adoption of your new customer experience.

  1. I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse

Who is responsible for a mobile device if it gets damaged or stolen whilst charging?  If a provider doesn’t use manufacturer-approved components in their solutions it increases the likelihood of delivering an unsafe charge.  Ask providers if they will take responsibility and guarantee the safety and security of mobile devices for you?

  1. I’ll be back

You should be buying a service that will last for many years and provide a reliable and continuous service day in day out.  With whatever solution you choose something will go wrong eventually, it’s just what happens when providing a service in a busy public environment.  How do you mitigate that and what support do you need to ensure a reliable and continuous customer experience?

  1. Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Technology changes fast.  The majority of phone charging providers’ technology is already out of date.  Take battery pack rentals, for example, the maximum charging power they can deliver is between 7.5-10W.  The new Samsung S22 Ultra can take a charge of 45W.  A battery pack isn’t going to give an effective charge.  And phone power requirements and battery size will only get bigger. The way of delivering a charge will also change (although we’d leave rooms that wirelessly charge to plot for a Wes Craven movie).  A service that is future-proofed for the inevitable innovation in mobile technology is key and will save you more money in the long run.

If you want to know what ChargeBox thinks is important when providing the best experience for the venue and user then get in touch. We’re also happy to chat about our favourite movies.