ChargeBox Luxury Retail Case Study – Porsche

A ChargeBox Luxury Retail Case Study

“In the beginning, I looked around and could not find quite the car I dreamed of. So I decided to build it myself.” - Ferry Porsche

The dream of the perfect sports car is what drives Porsche every day. In fact, the underlying Porsche principle is to always get the most out of everything and demand excellence.

Porsche strives to do things in the most intelligent way, whether that is the design or performance of their cars or the service they provide to their customers. As a luxury brand and an innovator on and off the road, it’s Porsche’s mission to deliver a first-class service across its whole customer experience.

The Challenge:

Porsche provide a luxury showroom experience for customers, who are encouraged to spend time immersed and relaxed in the environment. As high-net-worth individuals, Porsche’s customers need to be constantly connected and often conduct business on the go via laptops, tablets and mobiles.

The challenge with relying on mobile devices is a common one – battery life. Porsche staff received frequent requests to borrow chargers and either never had enough or not the right ones, which often led to customers losing valuable time.

The use of random power points and chargers also didn’t fit with the Porsche showroom aesthetic. To continue to innovate their showroom experience Porsche identified the need for a bespoke charging solution.

The Solution:

ChargeBox developed a unique solution, not only integrated into furniture but more importantly integrated into the Porsche showroom customer journey.

Single and double ChargeHub setups, perfectly matched with Porsche furniture, were seamlessly built into waiting areas, consultants’ desks and in meeting rooms where customers go to spec their new car.

The solution was also adopted in corporate meeting rooms where regular executive meetings and corporate events take place. Porsche now has multiple options to provide charging services and keep people connected with a frictionless experience that befits the Porsche design principal.

ChargeHub units all have the following features:

  • Fast Charge (3.5 times quicker than a standard charge)
  • Type C cable
  • Lightning cable
  • Micro USB cable
  • Wireless charging
  • Power indicator
  • Custom branding (includes client logo/badge)
  • Design finish to match the hosting furniture

 Business Benefits:

ChargeBox has increased customer satisfaction for Porsche and removed the potential anxiety and stress of having a low battery from what is an immersive and relaxed experience at the showroom.

Customers are not distracted or anxious about their device battery, which can change their behaviour to seek a charge. It means time is spent more enjoyably and productively.

It truly allows Porsche to apply their “to always get the most out of everything” principle to a simple but essential customer service need.

Porsche coffee table ChargeHub integration
ChargeBox wireless charging solutions for luxury retail
ChargeBox charging solutions for Porsche

It’s been a pleasure to collaborate with ChargeBox who were quick to rise to the challenge of developing their technology to meet the exacting standards and objectives of our retail environment. In creating the ChargeHub, they have built a world-class solution that improves customer and brand experience exponentially and enables customers to stay connected whilst reducing low battery anxiety. We are absolutely delighted with the results.

 Mudassar Baig, Network Development & Strategy, Porsche

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