ChargeBox Airports Case Study – Paris

Paris Aéroport
A ChargeBox Airports Case Study

Paris Aéroport: Relieving passenger anxiety with ChargeBox 'Lock and Shop'

Paris Aéroport is a brand owned by Groupe ADP that includes all Parisian international airports, including Orly and Charles de Gaulle airports.

The Paris Aéroport brand was introduced in 2016 as part of a modernisation programme for Parisian airports to offer more attractive and efficient terminals, especially for connecting passengers on long-haul flights.

As part of this drive to achieve world-class standards, Paris Aéroport wanted to focus on improving the passenger experience at its two busiest airports, Orly and Charles de Gaulle.

These two airports alone welcomed over 106 million passengers over the last twelve months, an increase of 4.1% over the previous year.

The Challenge:

Paris Aéroport required a trusted solution to relieve the anxiety felt by passengers when their mobile phone is close to running out of battery power.

It recognised that ‘tethering’ (when passengers seek charging points and remain with their device until they get a sufficient charge) often breaks groups up and limits the shopping activities of not only those charging but their entire group.

Paris Aéroport also had significant concerns about passengers struggling to retrieve devices from on-site lockers and therefore risking delays and missed flights. It also wanted to remove risks associated with having to provide assistance to retrieve devices or managing claims for damaged or stolen phones.

The Solution:

ChargeBox provided its tried and tested ‘Lock & Shop’ system that enables passengers to safely and securely leave their mobile phone to charge while they enjoy the airports’ new facilities.

Paris Aéroport has invested in 49 systems, deployed across both Orly and Charles de Gaulle airports, which had been used over 3 million times by 2018.

Business Benefits:

ChargeBox’s ‘Lock & Shop’ systems are proven to double dwell time in retail environments, allowing passengers to relax and spend more time enjoying the airports’ revamped shopping experience without worrying about their mobile device.

With mobile boarding passes accounting for one in three passes today, the ChargeBox solution also ensures that passengers are never left with a flat battery and unable to access their boarding pass. This removes the risk of delays at the boarding gate and allows passengers to keep their devices charged to use before, during and after their flight.

Juliette Leglaive, Marketing & Services Manager, Paris Aeroport, commented: "Our customers appreciate the simplicity of using ChargeBox, thanks to the presence of the smart lock and the instructions which are universally intuitive."

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Customers appreciate the simplicity of using ChargeBox lockers. They’re universally intuitive and reassuring for passengers to use. They’re really simple to operate and there’s no forgetting of pin codes or concerns about theft. These are important considerations in an airport where customers can be stressed and the airport must avoid delayed take-offs.

Juliette Leglaive

Head of Marketing Services, Paris Aéroport

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